Shiiki Chapters

Shiiki was found near the village of Koyatun and as an infant was raised  among the Koyatuni. But somehow the gentle, pale, blond boy never  really fit in among the fierce warrior tribesmen. He is constantly punished by his caretaker, Po Ju. But when Po Ju becomes too old to punish him properly, Shiiki is horrified to find himself hauled before the handsome and powerful Cuulain, the strongest warrior in the tribe. Nothing is ever quite the same after that fateful visit. By Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi. 

Music: Theme to Shiiki 

Chapter 1: Cuulain 

Chapter 2: The Healer's Touch 

Chapter 3: Afternoon at Harod's Rock 

Chapter 4: Shiiki's New Clothes 

Chapter 5: Shiiki's Gifts 

Chapter 6: The Lorendi

Chapter 7: Cuulain's Visit 

Chapter 8: Night With Elidwen 

Shiiki, Part 2 

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