Kaiju and other monsters are a major part of the backdrop of the Heroic Age setting, as are giant robots and superweapons. And so, Below is a tribute to Giant Robot slugfests.


AKA: Iron Man Industries
Motto: Super Robot Go!
Formed: July 8, 1956
Type: Public
Headquarters: Nagoya Japan
Executives: Makiko Shikishima (President & CEO), Shotaro Kaneda (Mecha Division)
Path Concepts: Action Hero, Kaiju Hunter, Kid, Mecha Pilot, Science Hero, Super Soldier, Unfazed Everyman,
Connections: Curious Bystander, Cryptozoologist, Mad Scientist, Mentor,
Skills: Aim, Control, Science, Technology
Edges: Always Prepared (•), Artifact (Hypertech) (• to •••••), Fame (• to •••), Ms Fix It (••), Patron (• to •••), Weak Spots (•)
Gifts: Skill (Control, Science, Technology)

Shikishima Heavy Industries is a Japanese industrial Conglomerate that is very active in the realms of Super-Science and in Superhero related technology. It operates in various fields, including aerospace, the chemical industry, FLUX energy, industrial machinery, IT, robotics, weapons, trade, and construction. Shikishima Heavy Industries has become famous on the world stage thanks to their giant robot Tetsujin 28 (aka Iron Man #28, Gigantor), whose battles against the many Kaiju that emerge from the Pacific and deep space have saved many lives. Now, the company has a large contract with the U.N. concerning the development of kaiju countermeasures, with a focus on rapid response and deployment of robot warriors. Shikishima Heavy Industries employs all sorts of extraordinary individuals, including many Talents and other Inspired persons when they can find them.
Characters working for Shikishima Heavy Industries can be expected to be sent on missions all over the world, seeking out and opposing the efforts of any number of supervillains and terrorist groups. Most notable will be those agents who are paired with one of the companies’ robotic suits (see below) and sent against Kaiju, and enemy robots. Such battles are sure to receive public attention, as such battles are very popular around the world.

GIGAN # 4 ROBOT (Artifact •••••)
The GIGAN #4 is a smaller, more personable version of the Tetsujin 28 giant robot. Designed by Shikishima Heavy Industries for “street level” operations, including damage control, search and rescue, riot control and mutant suppression, these robots are of great use around the world. The GIGAN #4 is far cheaper to make than more powerful units, and is used as police and guard units for high profile locations. The GIGAN #4 is moderately self-aware, displaying a clever, but extremely literal intellect. Built in self-learning software makes the GIGAN #4 curious about human behavior, natural phenomena and other data. Many operators refer to them as being as “like children,” requiring patience and micro managing at times.
Primary Pool: 10 (brute force, protect)
Secondary Pool: 8 (rescue, pursuit)
Desperation Pool: 6
Enhancement: +2 to brute force and pursuit, +4 to protect and rescue
Defense: 5
Health: 8
Edges: Direction Sense, Hair-Trigger Reflexes, Small Unit Tactics
Source: 6
Extraordinary Powers: Armor, Built-in Weapons, Giant Robot, Machine, Remote Control.
Notes: Scale 2 Size, Scale 3 Power

  • Armor: The GIGAN #4 possesses heavy armor, sufficient to ward off the natural weapons of lesser Kaiju and most firearms. Their carapaces possess 2 points of both Hard and Soft armor, with the Complete and Environmental 1 tags.
  • Built-In Weapons: The GIGAN #4 includes the built-in equivalent of an Assault Rifle, Combat Gauntlets (each with the Brutal, Grapple, Melee, Worn, and Quality 2 tags), and a Stun Grenade launcher (four grenades).
  • Giant Robot: The GIGAN #4 stands eight feet tall and weights four tons. It counts as Scale 2 for all physical encounters. Additionally, any allied characters within close range of the robot receive the benefit of the Robots Armor (but not its Defense).
  • Machine: The GIGAN #4 is a machine. As such they are tireless, and never suffer damage or Complications from needing food, water, pressure, rest, air, or similar biological requirements. The GIGAN #4 cannot heal naturally, but can be repaired in a repair facility or through the use of Super Science devices.
  • Remote Control: Employees of Shikishima Heavy Industries who have had a GIGAN #4 assigned to their care will receive a Quantum Comm unit watch that grants them complete command of the robot. However, as the GIGAN #4 is self-willed, the commands must be simple — generally no more than two or three words, like “attack the monster” or “defend me” are advised. More complicated commands may cause the robot to make a Desperation roll to prevent it from becoming confused. These remote-control units work out to Long Range, and cannot be hacked or used by non-inspired persons.

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