Shilin's Patreon FAQ!
Patreon is like a subscription to goodies from me that you will not find anywhere else! Twice a month, I create a set of art files like psds, videos, etc in return for your support!

How it works in 3 simple steps: 

  • 1. You pledge (agree to pay in the future) an amount for the reward tier you want!
  • 2. Your pledge are charged at the beginning of the next month.
  • 3. You get download links on the 10th of the next month in your Private Message.

During the month, if relevant, sometimes I post WIP shots of what I am working on, visible only to patrons, plus early access comics if I did any!


  • You pay nothing when you pledge! You are only charged when I actually post something tagged #reward post 
  • If I get lost on the way to the grocery store and don't come back to post art, you don't get charged.
  • Cancel at any time!

If you see previous reward sets that you would've wanted files for but missed the dates, some of them are available on my gumroad at 


Q: I didn't get my rewards!

Please check your paypal/credit card history to see if you've actually been charged. If you have been charged, message me here or send an e-mail to shilin at shilin dot net and let me know you're missing your rewards!

Q: I got the wrong sets!

If you've gotten more than you should, just enjoy my happy mistake! If you've gotten less than you should, message me here and I'll fix that for you :D I fatfinger copy/paste a lot so mistakes happen!

Q: I only want 1 set a month, not 2

You can set a "maximum amount" in your pledge, so that you can only be charged that maximum amount that month.

Q: How can I get art from previous sets? I didn't know about Patreon back then and there is this one that I really want ): 


SOME pieces from previous sets are here on my gumroad. Some pieces will never be available, and the ones that are available will be a lot more expensive so that it is fair to my patrons!