Shimeji I am working on [update! :D]
Phew! I have lots in my hands now but I am finally working in all of them :3 

Holo Shimeji EXTENDED: Currently working on the new code! And I think the next action I will do is the Carrying apples one, hehehe. Beta not shareable.

Sayo Shimeji: I just did the very first frame but now I can finally work on her walking! The very first frame was so difficult wow, the skirt almost beat me! But well, once shime1 is done, everything gets easier :3  Beta not shareable. 

Sylveon Shimeji: The Sylveon folder you see here has all the versions inside and I am currently working on the animaloid MALE one! Since it doesn't require code edits, it shouldn't take much more time. To work on NSFW stuff at job is difficult after all.  Beta not shareable but just because i have the psd there all the time and it would be both heavy and dangerous for my files, anyway he won't take much ^w^ I wanna finish that version in the next few days.

Charmander Shimeji EXTENDED: Along with the owner, we are slowly fixing bits positions he had bad placed due to my inexperience from few years ago. The next I will work on will probably be either running or ceiling :3 I can't really show these here because my Patreon is not a nsfw one. Beta not shareable. 

Rashi Shimeji: This one is a birthday gift for my best friend and I am putting my heart into it~ her Typhlosion is special, but at same time I am doing normal Typhlosion. I will probably share beta Typhlosion, I just have to talk it with her :3

Xellos Shimeji: This one is the second character of a big batch and it has higher priority than the rest but is a human and I need very hard inspiration to work on humans... For now has the walking action only and next I will do will be the falling one.