Shine for the Stars
Dragovant Relics: Shine for the Stars The two figures stood on the large hull piece from the wrecked colony ship, their gaze set on the stars and the explosions that flashed in the night sky. Regular meteor showers lit up above them as debris fell into orbit and burned. Large chunks of the moon, torn apart by the demigod Tyranchorus, glittered as they reflected sunlight, drifting and spinning. The two held hands, arms entwined. A large chunk of space-craft lit up suddenly as it entered the atmosphere. "That was our last defensive warship. Only the dragons can stop him now," comments the male. The female didn't reply, her mind offering silent prayers to the sleeping god that the dragons would be able to stop Tyranchorus. Suddenly the wind picked up, whipping around them and past them. It howled and roared, building into a rushing current. They looked at each other and wordlessly took shelter in a nearby airlock, still in decent condition due to the ship's modular design. As they watched through the hardened port, a huge wall of star-fire tore across the hull as it scoured the planet's surface. What was left of it. Then it was all darkness and smoke outside. They waited and watched, until the port was covered with ash and hours had gone past. They talked little, but often embraced one another. At long last they tried the hatch, cranking it open manually with the hydraulic assist, and stood once more on the fractured hull. The sky was still full of ash and smoke, but faint stars could be seen through occasional patches. The female noticed it first, "Why don't the moon fragments glitter anymore?" The male watched the patches of space for a while through the smoke before he replied, "Tyranchorus, he, he managed to destroy the sun." They looked at each other for a moment, then embraced again. "How can we live here? Our home planet no longer has a sun, or moon. What will we do?" She asked. He looked up into the sky. "We become the sun, we shine for the stars when they lose their light. We rebuild, and we rally others to help us find and stop Tyranchorus." They stood there for a long time, her mind going over his words again and again, generating hope. We shine for the stars when they lose their light. We shine for the stars...
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