Just wanted to give a shout out to all the doods who have jumped into the Patreon feet first with us. I'm already working on improving the show, and starting next month we will have expanded media server space.

What does that mean?

Right now we try to keep pretty strictly to the 1hr rule, sometimes we fudge it to about an 1hr20min and skate by, but now we will be able to do 1hr30 min episodes safely AND when we have a special episode, it can be released pretty much hassle free. When it comes to Lore-casts we will probably stick to our 1hr format, just because its cleaner and easier to build those shows around that format. Depending on your tier, that doesn't matter a ton for you though because you'll get them all at once pretty much anyway.


I'm gonna release two wall papers soon. A basic YoVG one just for those of you that wanna rep it and then probably next Monday I'll release April's wallpaper.


It's time to start submitting the fan fics for us to get to work on. 

Some guide lines to help the process:

It doesn't HAVE to be written by you, but we would appreciate a source so we can credit the writers or maybe even get permission.

Ideally each submission should be 5 pages or less if it's in novel format or 10 pages or less if it's screenplay format. If you're winging it, worry not! As long as we can understand the flow, we'll do it, but we want to keep each one to 10 minutes or less, so we can pick 2 or 3 to do.

I can't guarantee we will always be able to get say Mike (Wesker), Kenny or the other dudes to act out parts, but every one seemed pretty down with the idea. If they can;t do it, we will do some fucked up voices for them :P\

If the fan fiction isn't about YoVG, that's totally cool just let us have discretion with who plays whom in the story.

As always doods, thank you for your support. Shine on!

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