Shining Force Series
If this series goes well I will continue with more of these serial "let's plays". I have done quite a few serials in the past like Fallout, XCOM and Resident Evil 4, and I think people really enjoyed them. For a few reasons I will be going direct to Youtube with this one and bypassing the stream. One reason is audio quality, I can separate audio channels and fix any bad audio in post. When I stream it would require too much of my pc to record video, an extra audio track and encode the stream all at once. The other main reason is I want to get 500 followers over there as its a prerequisite to change the channel URL, which wold be nice. So I gotta put in some YT work to make that happen. I'm going to release the first two episodes here as soon as they are done encoding. As I make and upload the rest I will post links so you Patrons can check them out before I publicly publish them. So you get them fresh off the press and don't have to wait for the publish date. Ep1 Ep2