"Shining a light"
When I started reading 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm', I thought that I was just an interested layman. I immediately started to read it and could not stop until I had finished it. I was happily surprised by the quality, openness and freshness of how it is written, These are combined with the perspective, the framing of the role of friends on a Hero Journey. This metaphor surprised me.   

It also suddenly made the book much more applicable for me as the father of my daughter, who has been struggling for seventeen years with unbearable pains. The book gave me a sudden different perspective on all her fighting, joking, complaining, loving and living with these pains and the endless medical researches she went through all her life. The author Huib Kraaijeveld offered me a window that showed me clearly what I already suspected, deep down . 

This book shines a light on the complexity, context and diversity of Lyme’s  manifestations. It also offered me an outlook on a world in which already much is  shared about Lyme and in which the need for sharing is tangible. I hope this book contributes to creating a mirror for policymakers and the industry too, in which they can see themselves and ask what answer to Lyme is really needed, instead of the answers they have delivered until now.

Review of 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' by Henri, father of Lola. The Netherlands