Shin's Sprite Overview

Hey guys! ヾ( o・ω・*)ノ

It will take me some time, but I'm slowly moving my devlog here on Patreon. I won't literally transfer all the posts I've written so far, but I plan to have a direct link from PBS's  homepage to this one. At the same time, I aim to have my public posts here from now on, so that everything is in one place only.

I don't particularly *love* Patreon's editor... The one provided by Wordpress is great, indeed. However, upon starting Wordpress, I used the "blog" function to post the "News", and all blog articles are just pages that I manually link to a feed. I think that Patreon will help me organize my posts better and I hope everything will take a tidier shape.

In short this means: public posts with all the major updates free for everyone to read, spaced out by private posts that will mostly include work-in-progress material, concepts and behind-the-scenes.

The Star of This Post

I'm talking about Shin, obviously : ) Aside from some small details I will fix here and there, two poses of his sprite are now finished (I will need a third one from the back).

(The expressions shown are just a sample, he will have more!)

I had a great time working on Shin, mainly because of his bright colors and general cheerfulness. It also took an enormous amount of time, as I've collectively drawn and painted two layers of clothes for each pose and for each arm variations. Add the checkered pattern to it and...

However it was a satisfying task and I can't wait to tackle the other characters from Tokyo.

As I plan to release an extended demo, my main goal right now is to finish the next scene only, though. This translates in tackling the background art for the first location of Tokyo, later this week. I've already gathered the photograph material and prepared a proper reference out of it, so it's really a matter of days until I start with the lineart.


That's all for this update, thank you so much for reading! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ 

Please take good care and see you next update!

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