Shiny New Patron: Anne!
Hey everyone! We have a new member of our little Apoca-Community; I'm pleased to announce Anne has joined our ranks. So please welcome her to the group and no hazing! ^_~ Just kidding, Anne, we don't haze around here but if we did....oh'd be in trouble! But really, I super appreciate your donation and your belief in the project, it's honestly people like you that get me pumped for working it! Given the projected scope of it too, I need each and everyone of you! I also hope that you take advantage of your voice. Don't be afraid to speak up about things, voice questions/concerns and all of that fun stuff. I encourage it because the more feedback I get from you all, the better I can make the game, plain and simple ^_^ I should be sending your thank you email in the next hour or so. I just have to type it up! 

As for everyone else, pick it up you slackers! Ha! Just kidding, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for being so generous and for helping push this project to the heights it's beginning to reach. Truly, you guys are the heart and the soul behind AMS. Also, please take the time to send good thoughts toward the patrons whom are having some family and financial troubles this month, there are at least four or five I believe and they could use some good vibes. They also told me the support you guys lent about a week and half back realyl helped too, so let's keep it up! :D 

Hope you guys like v0.9.2D as well!