Shipgirl of the Month: Nagato
Hello everyone, here's Nagato, the lead ship of the Nagato class Battleship! Laid down in the Kure Naval Shipyards in 1917, launched in 1919 Nagato was a dreadnought type fast battleship to compete with the Colorado class battleships running at 26 knots. By late 1920s her and her sister ship Mutsu went through modernization, which consist of the change in the funnels to change in the superstructure and addition to a catapult. Nagato participated in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 to being Admiral Yamamoto's flagship until 1942 to the participation of Midway campaign to the battle of Leyte Gulf to defence of costal waters in Yokosuka in 1945 and participation of Operation Crossroads in 1946.