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Ships Mod v0.8 beta is out!
Download it, as always, over at Planet Minecraft. Here's the list of new stuff in this version. Fixed bug where players on slabs, stairs, and ladders weren't being flagged as riding the ship Made change that causes more kinds of non-solid blocks to be excluded from ship launching Paintings, item frames, and signs now work on ships! Added ship eraser. It erases ships in creative mode. Updated launch GUI to warn you if your ship floats near the sinking point Added more optimizations to ship GUIs, launching, and buoyancy simulations Updated block physics so stairs, slabs, etc don't weigh as much and don't displace as much water Block limit is now 4000 blocks. Various crash fixes And just for you guys, I added a new item called the Ship Plaque. It's available to $6+ supporters and it lets you write a name on the side of your ship!