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Ships Mod v0.9 beta released!
This update was a long time in the making because of reasons. Among various tweaks and fixes, this update adds a new block called the Berth! The berth looks like a bed, but it’s better than a bed. A berth allows you to sleep on ships! After you sleep in a berth, even after docking, launching, logging out, logging back in, you’ll always respawn right back at your berth. I’ve also raised the block cap to 10,000 blocks. This is a bit excessive right now. If you actually make a ship that’s thousands of blocks big, you’ll probably cause a lot of lag. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. In the next version, I’ll add some more optimizations to make huge ships a lot less laggy. For now, just have fun making ridiculously huge ships. As always, download the latest release at PlanetMinecraft:
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