Shironeko | by Chiyography
Heyho my dear Patrons, later on dear followers, 

I just made it past 1000 likes on Facebook! *^*
And that's a really big and important step for me, as I didn't ever think that so much people would like me doing the stuff I like. It's overwhelming, even if I'm not all that awesome, compared to other great cosplayers, models or whatever people you may like. But it's not really like I'm aiming to be especially in their "league" - at least, I don't really think about it that much. So I'm much more smitten by the fact that I'm interesting for so much people, only with my hobbies and usual honest bullshit! :O 

And it's still only fun. But non the less, I'm a bit in a party mode since I saw this and I'll have a little giveaway to thank those of you followers who didn't only passively like the stuff, but also took an interest in my posts. I'm thankful for your time! ^°^ 

Seeya soon <3

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