SHMUPtember Begins! Bedlam (C64 & ZX Spectrum 128k)
Sadly, C64 Month has come to an end (well, at least in terms of what I'll be publishing), but not to fear as here comes SHMUPtember for all your blasting needs!

Beyond that… it's a bit of a relatively minor milestone for the channel, as this video introduces some 128k Speccy action - after a heck of a long time, I'm finally able to capture footage off it, so there'll be 128k games included in the future.

Beyond that? SHMUPtember will introduce at least one other platform - which'll be the grand finale for this month.

Hope you all enjoy this one, and cannot wait to bring you some highly regarded, and not-so-highly-regarded games over the course of the month!