Darkslide’s gang of scum and criminals, ShokRok controls a small part of Lowtown and the criminal happenings there. 


Darkslide (ShokRok)- The bastard son of Darklight, Darkslide lives only to rock! He takes what he wants, parties nonstop, and runs his little part of Lowtown with an iron-gauntleted fist. 

Major Players

Roxie Darling (ShokRok)- The voice in Darkslide’s ear, Roxie motivates Darkslide to be more than just a small-time burnout. She dreams of one day being the Queen of the Shadow Throne. 

Crossfire (ShokRok)- The brains behind the operation, Crossfire makes sure the books match up, coordinates runs, and everything else that Darkslide doesn’t have the time or ability to do. In his spare time he builds insane inventions and keeps Lowtown locked down with his Fragtrons. 


Lump (ShokRok)- The bartender of Dark Circles, Lump uses his ability to divide himself to keep the place up and running while providing security and intel for Darkslide. 

CellBlok (ShokRok)- A big dumb rock (literally), Cellblok smacks around anyone who gives the Prince of Darkness lip. 

Fragtron 3000 (ShokRok)- Crossfire’s pride and joy, Fragtron 3000 is the pinnacle of Crossfire’s ingenuity, which admittedly is a not a very high peak. Possessing rudimentary AI, Fragtron 3000 is slowly developing a mind of its own. 

Possible goons: Low level criminals, wannabes, and 100 series Fragtrons.