Shop Talk #13 -We all make Mistakes, just have to learn from them
Every woodworker makes mistakes and that's just part of the game.  I made a decent sized mistake on the recent kitchen pantry project I finished and I'll use this as a learning experience for next time.  The cabinet stiles were a little bit too narrow so the drawer fronts just clear the walls which impacts the casing and the window sill.    Here's a link to the complete kitchen cabinet project with design plans on my website:

Also this week,  i did a commercial shoot with my sponsor Bernzomatic who came out to shoot a "Winter Torch Hack" series to use to market their torches.  It was a great experience and nice to be on the other end of the camera and not have to worry about talking or editing. 

Finally, I talk about framing a large piece of custom metal artwork on a  for my client and use spray foam to reinforce the piece which is bent in some areas.   It's been a fun project and I think this will work out well. 

Thanks as always for you support! - Jon