It's been too long since I've posted here but I'm back at it. I was recently up in Ohio at Saunders Machine Works for some training on Fusion 360 as well as hands-on machining on the Tormach PCNC mills. I even had a chance to sit on a Q&A panel during their open house on the last day of the trip.

Now that I'm back at home it's really time to start using the knowledge I acquired during my week up in Ohio. One of the best parts of the training for me was that this filled in little gaps in knowledge that are going to make me a lot more efficient in the shop.

In this video I share one of those nuggets of gold, as Dale Derry likes to put it; tool holding and offsets. If you're watching my videos you probably know all about this but it was an area in which lots of little gaps existed in my knowledge.

Sit back, and enjoy.

Tom Z