Shop Update - CNC Mini Mill Upgrades & Lessons Learned
We made a lot of progress over the holidays here at the shop and that meant being able to focus a little bit on improving operations. The focus this week was upgrading and updating the X2 CNC mill to LinuxCNC for the controller, adding homing switching and soft limits, and tuning the machine to get the most out of the setup. We also had a rush job come in at just the right time - engraving some brass on the mill.

For now we will stick with this little guy until the time is right to upgrade to something like a Tormach. It wouldn't hurt to leverage some of the Tormach tooling though so I'll likely invest in the TTS quick change tooling. I already have the engraver and the SuperFly but it would be nice to get the full setup and make things that much faster and more accurate.

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Tom Z