Shore Leave 40 Books And Art
You can tell from my video I'm not a professional actor. Still, I wanted to let everyone know what I had planned for this year's Shore Leave Sci-fi convention! More book giveaways!

I wanted to do more, such as add a flyer to each book with info about the author or authors, but time didn't allow for that. Perhaps next year.

In addition to giving away books, I'm going to enter a few pieces of artwork into the art show this year. That's the plan, anyway. They'll be for sale, too, so you can be the proud owner an original K. R. Smith! 

These two, Hyacinths and Gear Girl, and limited edition prints of computer-generated artwork I created a while back.

This one, Alien Dawn #1, is an acrylic painting on canvas board, 12 x 16. I just had to have something more than prints of digital art for the show, so I stole a couple of hours and created this simple scifi-themed scene.

The frames are included (which may be worth more than the art...).

Again, I'd hoped to have more ready in time for Shore Leave, but that was not to be. 

I'm hoping for a good show this year. Maybe I can even get back to doing some writing soon!

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