the shores of decompression.
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i love this picture of me and neil - taken about an hour speaks the story of us right now. we just spent a long week at the TED conference (where a lot of the talks are filmed over 5 days of marathon speakers and interviews about Technology, Entertainment & Design) in vancouver....thinking, learning, crying (well, i can’t speak for neil there) and connecting many dots of our universe. data, borders of all sorts, hope, fear, new prosthetics, spacex, human and humane slippage, solo rope-free rock climbing, paraplegia, growth and how its destroying us all, piercing tissue with light, pigs growing extra kidneys for people (im on team pig), the dark business of the net, the brain and its emotional jobs, artificial and real art made by artificial intelligence and real’s more than my head can fit. this is the 5th time i’ve been to TED including the year i spoke in 2013 and it’s always like this. overwhelming and very emo. ash had a fever. we all got less than 5 hours sleep a night. it was weird. i saw a lot of friends i couldnt actually see. 

i tried to do it right this year since we are here with ash. we left vancouver today to come to one of the most beautiful spots on the earth for 36 hours - vancouver island, canada. we are gonna decompress, breath life back into our relationship (we wind up walking all over each other’s feelings when we are around so many activities and shiny things) and come to terms with everything we have taken in. brain shivasana. (that’s “corpse pose”). 

TED is always complicated for me.... it’s such a strange combination of light and dark on so many levels. i will write a blog when i recover. i have never done an in-depth blog about my TED experience and my relationship with the conference and it feels like the right moment to do it. and i owe you a blog about the amazing ninjaTED show too - it was phenomenal. for and goddam i love the patreon. i left TED feeling like it’s more revolutionary than ever to be running my art output this way, for so many reasons. 

after this, to NYC for a few gigs and then a week at home before i leave for the UK for tour. it’s like this. 

i love you a lot, all. i’m feeling very raw and grateful. back soon. i’m gonna head offline for a few days. 



photo by justine. 

ps. how are you all doing? i’d love to spend some time in the bath with a tea reading about your lives tonight. i know that doesn’t sound like decompression but believe me, that’s my idea of decompression. call me what you will. tell me. 

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