Short Answer Friday Question Submission Thread for 11/2
Hello, Patrons! We're ba-ack!

If you're new here, this is how it works:

 $10+ patrons get first crack at submitting short questions, starting on Thursday.

 All patrons can submit questions here starting Friday morning.

 Anyone can submit questions anytime via Twitter - @CAwkward, #awkwardfriday

 Deadline for questions for this week is noon, Chicago time, Friday, November 2. If a question comes in after that, I try to include it next time.

I answer as many questions as I can between noon & 2pm. If I think something is too much/too big for the venue, I'll tell you and we'll figure something else out.

 I'm asking people not not submit questions about abuse & sexual harassment & violence in these short answer threads. 

 Comments open when everything is posted. 

Thanks for your questions! 

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