Short-Bobbed Boy - Adrial
The first sketch showing Adrial's face, hair and body type. He was originally dubbed the Short-Bobbed Boy in my sprite asset gallery. Like Adina Bell, he will have a more detailed costume designed for him and a color scheme version of this sketch at a later date. 

He also has a softer body type like Adina Bell. His character type is clever and he can play the fool if he needs to. He talks pleasantly, but his cheerful nature hides a crafty and calculating side. Most people underestimate him because he looks soft, but his muscles and strength are the real deal. He's second only to his good friend, Gabe (Magic Boy), in physical strength. 

You can see his 'free-to-use' sprites here! 

RPG Maker 2003 - Walk Cycles  
Adrial - Character Sheet 01 

Adrial - Character Sheet 02 

Adrial - Character Sheet 03 

Adrial - Character Sheet 04