A Short Discussion on Game Balance and Monster Design
Following the 0.6.7 update to the Player's Guidebook, the Bestiary of the Wilds was taken "offline" for updating. While the Bestiary is back, it's important to note that it is not complete with its update, and there's a very big reason why:

Guardians do a ton of damage.

The Current State of Monster Mechanics

Part of game design is, of course, doing The Math. This means going through every single class, every single weapon, and every single ability, calculating the outcomes, and comparing values such as Average Guardian Damage-per-Round (also referred to as DPR) vs the Hit Points of a monster. Comparing these two values will give you a view of just how many rounds that monster will survive vs the average fireteam.

Right now, a Baron -- a CR 7 monster -- will last about 3 whole rounds against a fireteam of four Guardians. And if those Guardians nail the Baron's weak point? Yeah, that baron will be lucky if it survives one round against the same fireteam.

Raising the AC of the Baron isn't the answer. Sure, raising the AC makes Guardians miss more, which does give the Baron a better chance of survival, but Guardians already have a minimum average of 55% to hit the Baron. Raising the AC -- and thus lowering that % -- means players will miss a LOT, and missing a lot isn't fun. Nobody wants to play that game.

The alternative to raising the Baron's AC is raising its hit points. But how many hit points would a Baron need to have to survive, say, 2 rounds vs a fireteam of four Guardians dealing Weak Point damage?

250. It would need 250 hit points, and it would maybe survive 2 whole rounds of weak point damage (4 rounds for regular damage), and here's the real kicker: this is only a CR 7 monster. Want to know how many hit points a CR 12 monster would need, if it had the same AC as the Baron? 350. The hit points high-CR monsters need just to be barely viable is ridiculous.

So yeah, Guardians do a TON of damage.

Power fantasy is a part of the Destiny experience (heck, it's a part of ALL gaming experiences), and giving players avenues for indulging in power fantasies is definitely something we want to have in D&Destiny. But there comes a point when the power fantasy is, quite frankly, Too Much. Because this isn't a video game, this is a tabletop game. There isn't a computer calculating all of these damages and hit points on monsters, there's a GM, a human being, handling it all. We have to take that into consideration just as much as we consider the power fantasy.

Going Forward

Right now, we're going to focus entirely on tweaking the mechanics of the Player's Guidebook, the core of D&Destiny, until we arrive at a power curve that is a) fun, and b) reasonable for GMs to manage. We have an upcoming series of testing sessions that are designed for gathering information and feedback about the tweaks we're exploring, as well as giving players a chance to grow a character from the ground up and really get used to playing them.

The Bestiary of the Wilds will not be updated again until this power curve is determined. Trying to constantly update the Bestiary to keep up with the PGB tweaks is just not a viable option for us. The bigger the project gets, the harder it is to "install" mechanics and features, because there's so much that needs to be reviewed. Even small updates can end up taking a week to go over. So the Bestiary will remain at v0.2.1 for the foreseeable future.

We want to thank everyone for their patience with this, and also for their support. As always, if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, you're more than welcome to reach out via Discord, email, twitter, tumblr, etc. My inbox is always open <3