Short-Haired Girl - Adina Bell
 The first sketch showing Adina Bell's face, hair and body type. She was originally just dubbed the Short-Haired Girl in my sprite asset gallery. She will have a more detailed costume designed for her and a color scheme version of this sketch at a later date. 

I'm still toying with her personality and class-type, however, one of her traits is that she thinks deeply about her connections to the world around her, as well as the world unseen. She gets along well with her first cousin, Naomi (Long-Haired Girl).

You can see her 'free-to-use' sprites here! 

RPG Maker XP - Walk Cycles  
Adina Bell - Character Sheet

RPG Maker XP - Walk Cycles - CHIBI  
Adina Bell - Character Sheet

RPG Maker 2003 - Walk Cycles  
Adina Bell - Character Sheet 01 

Adina Bell - Character Sheet 02 

Adina Bell - Character Sheet 03 

Adina Bell - Character Sheet 04 

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