Short Story 4.1
"Welcome back to..." the announcer guy started. "...On The Board! A recap of last season shows how Chase "Ravenous Claw" Marshall dominated over the other players. But this year we bring in seven new players to join Ravenous Claw out on the battlefield." Ravenous Claw, a tall young man with black hair, green eyes, and white skin, Sponsor's color is blue. The eight players stand side by side, four boys and four girls. Just by looking at them it was obvious who was going to be at the top and who was at the bottom.

"For those who was never seen a past season of On The Board, this is how it works: When our eight players are teleported down into the arena, they are to fight off our zombie-like holograms. Each zombiegram equals one point. But if the zombiegrams create enough contact with the player, the player's round will end and the number of zombiegrams that they had defeated in that time is their total points for that round. The player that survives the longest will receive 10 points on top of the points they've collected. We give each and every player a chance to gain as many points as they possibly can before the end of the season. In the first round, the players weapon must be a basic blaster, but the player can upgrade their weapon using the money that is supplied to them by their sponsors. Outside party money or audience donations are not allowed at certain points during the season." The Intro to the game seemed to be taking longer than it should.

"During a pretest to show off their skills to our panel of judges, they each were given their nicknames which they will be called for the entirety of the season. Only the champion from last season will have his name known. The champion for this season's name will be announced at that time. But for now, let's introduce our seven new players. Out of the boys, we have Graceful Red, Mystic Fire, and Rogue Demon." The three new male players stood proudly at the call of their new name. Graceful Red, a timid young man with light brown hair, purple eyes, and pale skin, sponsor's color is green. Mystic Fire, a handsome but mean looking man with blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a light tan, sponsor's color is teal. Rogue Demon, a bright young man with black hair, yellow eyes, and dark skin, sponsor's color is red. "With the girls: Scarred Dagger, Ancient Warrior, Beautiful Beast, and White Hunter." Scarred Dagger, a scary looking woman with red hair and eyes, and lightly tanned skin, sponsor's color is black. Ancient Warrior, a beautiful young lady with blonde hair, gray eyes, and dark tanned skin, sponsor's color is brown. Beautiful Beast, a sweet looking girl with light brown hair, light green eyes, and olive skin, sponsor's color is pink. White Hunter, a strange woman with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, sponsor's color is white.

"Each of our players has their sponsor's logo placed across their backs." The players all turned to show off their sponsors. "Ravenous Claw, Ghost & Bourbon. Graceful Red, The Cake Company. Mystic Fire, Research of Chemical Pharmaceuticals. Rogue Demon, Applied Photo Corporation. Scared Dagger, Mother Axe Training Camp. Ancient Warrior, Apex Medical. Beautiful Beast, White Spoon Food Supplier. And White Hunter, ..." He was confused. "Um, miss, who's your sponsor?" The back of her white shirt was blank.

"I don't have a sponsor since I don't need one." White Hunter spoke softly.

"But you must have got a sponsor during the pre-test."

"I became my own sponsor," She said sincerely.

"I've never heard of someone being their own sponsor but oh well." Still confused, he continued with the introductions. "Let the game begin!" He shouts. Each player moved to some raised circled on the floor. Super scientific glasses materialize across each of their faces. In their hands, a basic blaster appears. "As stated before, in this first round only a basic blaster can be used." Suddenly the announcer guy pressed a button. "Let round one comense."

The eight players are teleported into the arena, an almost solid light gray room. Walls were ramp-like for the first five feet all the way around the room, which was circular. It was like a geometric bowl. The only structure that showed independence from the rest of the room was a darker gray mechanical-like shape that protruded from the center of the room. It almost was like a tree, a trunk-like stand held up a round top with wires and poles sticking out at all angles. On the ceiling that was high above their heads, a point board appeared. Suddenly from the base of the mechanical tree, the things he called zombiegrams started appearing. Solid black figures, shadows basically, walked like the undead. "Go." The announcer's voiced quietly.

Words: 789

Title: On The Board