A short story
                  A time ago a girl with a crimsom hair color was a in her town walking around and she saw the princess of the town sitting in the forrest with a guy . She went to se what to ask them both what was happenig the princess told her that the king was killed and all the guards help the killer so only the guy she was with was on her side. The girl ofered help so they could fine a place to hide outside that town so they could plan something when they were both ready. The girl with crimsom  hair walked them to a place far away from that town she went to a place with a guy that was like a doctor the guy help them both because they were hurt. Then another guy came in the tiny house he always prayed to the god so he could tell the future and more that guy told them both that a painful future were ahead of them but at the end they were gonna get victorybut before there was more for there future before the painful part. At the end all of them went to find there future ahead the two girls and the 3 guys but there's more.