Short Story for May
This is actually a blurb that I wrote a while ago - it's what Trinity is based off of. Somehow I got from Pirates to Werewolves. >_> Don't ask me. --- The room was dark and she’d closed the door. That closed door would be enough of a barrier that Jacob wouldn’t come in - she knew it, or at least she hoped it. He was, after all, an extremely safe choice. He always had been though, hadn’t it? That was why she’d accepted his marriage proposal. Everything inside of her was burning, twisting, writhing. There was such a sense of guilt to her entire being - she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. The conversation that she’d just had with Connor was burning at the back of her mind, in the back of her eyes. She could see the way that his gaze had darkened, the way that his lips had pressed tight - she could see every moment of it in slow motion; every time her mind played it over, her heart beat faster until at last even her closed lids couldn’t keep at bay the tears that were stinging at the back of her throat. What kind of a person was she? She’d just spent months risking her life to make sure that she could bring her fiance home safely… and yet she had admitted to a pirate that she had feelings for him? And on the day of Jacob’s return, no less. Devana couldn’t help it, a small sob escaped her throat and she brought her hands up to cover her face as she wept into the quiet darkness of the room. Her entire body ached with the tears, and in those moments she knew that she was a terrible person. It was, perhaps, because of her tears that she hadn’t heard the door open. However, a scent hit her senses a moment before a calloused thumb came to her cheek, wiping away a tear. Her eyes weren’t open and yet her entire body began to tremble violently; it wasn’t from the tears. She knew that sweet scent - the smell of sunshine, of rum, of the salty air of the sea. His thumb trailed against her cheek, wiping away her tears before moving down to stroke gently against a bottom lip gone moist with her sobbing. “Shhh… I never thought I’d see the day when you would be crying…” Connor’s voice seemed to be even lower than usual, and the sound of it sent vibrations throughout her entire body. He traced her lower lip for another moment before she felt his weight fully sit against the bed. Her heart was thundering so quickly in her chest that she couldn’t catch a breath to speak. Devana hadn’t even dared to open her eyes - she wasn’t sure if it was because she knew that this was wrong, or because she was afraid that she would wake up from it being a dream… afraid that it would be Jacob sitting above her, looking down at her with his sweet blue eyes and his gentle concern. No, what she wanted was Connor’s sunblazed eyes, perhaps his sardonic grin… This was wrong. Her eyes closed tighter and she felt another hot tear escape her shut lid. “Dev,” Connor’s voice was oddly strained. Just hearing him say her name made her lower lip tremble. For some reason, that seemed to set Connor off. “Damn it woman, I’ve never had self control when it came to a crying woman.” And before Devana could think to react to his words, she felt his weight shift, his body suddenly pressing along her own. His finger that had stroked her trembling pout only moment ago was replaced now with something softer. The sweet taste of rum was sharp against her tongue, but underneath that, there was the lingering and gorgeous essence that was Connor… and his kiss scorched through her with such ferocity that Devana, still shaking so violently that she wasn’t sure how she had managed to move her arms at all, wrapped them tightly around him and offered her still trembling lips up to his kiss. She could hear him groan against her mouth as she shifted her body to do so, and one of his arms spilled beneath her lower back, pulling her so that she was flush against his frame. Connor moved so that he straddled her now on the bed, a leg on either side of her, and as her body was raised to meet his she could feel each toned and hardened muscle of his frame straining as though he were fighting his very body against doing something. It was only when his tongue parted her lips and stroked a gentle line against the roof of her mouth that Devana finally let out a small whimper and her eyes flew wide open. This was happening - this was real. This wasn’t just some fantasy, and there was no way that she would ever be able to mistake Jacob’s gentle, timid kiss for the way that Connor’s tongue was blazing against the roof of her mouth, the way that every inch of his body seemed to be filled with some unspoken passion that she’d never sensed in him before. Her whimper, however, turned quickly into a moan as her eyes were met with the sight of him. His dark brows were furrowed as though it burned him to concentrate so hard on simply kissing her. His already tanned skin seemed shadowed in the darkness of the room, and she could only tell now that he’d lit a candle in the corner because she could make these features out. For a moment, she wondered how long he had been standing in there watching her cry softly to herself… but even that thought was torn away as he opened his eyes as though he could sense her gaze upon him. Those gorgeous loops of color… dark brown with streaks of molten sunlight through them - they were enchanting, inhuman… how could she not have fallen in love with eyes that could look at her as though they were stripping away her very soul and leaving bare the very core of her existence? And just now, the look of heated passion in them was driving her wild. His lips pulled away from her own and a low and almost animal like growl escaped him. Perhaps it was because he could glimpse in her gaze the thought that she’d had only a moment ago, the word that she’d used without even thinking. Love. Did she love him? Confusion and lust seemed to swirl together in her mind, and she was only slightly aware to the fact that her body was still trembling so violently that it was only Connor’s grip around her that seemed to be holding her together. “Dev…” Her name was nothing more than a growl escaping his lips now. It was only now, after his lips had scorched her own, after her entire body was aching and trembling at his touch, that she was able to summon up words to answer… and even then, it was only his name.
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