Short story: Mall School / Google Forms interactive fiction / and more??
Dear Patreon Friends,

my new short story "Mall School" is up on Vice! linear lurid...

i made an interactive fiction in Google Forms called "All Your Time-Tossed Selves", it got a nice shoutout from Wired too! i'm very attracted to telling stories through unusual formats, a big motivation to me is experimenting with something that isn't supposed to do the thing i want it to do...

on September 10th at the Kitchen in New York, they are presenting a 15 minute video piece by me. it's a free event, details here

In other news:

my work is displaying / selling in Chicago at this gallery

ppl love this meme i made on tumblr!!

i'm contributing text to this Aria End installation near the end of September

my artwork was successfully sold at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project auction, i'm happy the $ is going to something i care about!

i'm still slurging away at Girlwaste in my spare time...a mound is gradually accumulating... *distant screams*

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