A Short Summer Update
Hello, lovely backers!

As you may know, we take a break from working on Five out of Ten in June. We’re currently working on Issue 14, Nature, which will be released at the end of July, and have also started on Issue 15. We’re not great at taking holidays.

Here are a couple of things to tide you over during June:

Our latest issue is #13 - Luck - and it is on sale now. If you backed our Patreon before the issue was released, you can check our creations blog for a download code. If you have any trouble redeeming your download, please get in touch through the Contact page on our website.

We recently released a new special collection in collaboration with our friends at Haywire Magazine called Flux Capacitor. It includes ten of the best features from Haywire’s first two years, with an all-new design! If you love our work, you’ll love this too.

Alan and Lindsey appeared on the Critical Distance podcast with Eric Swain to talk about Five out of Ten, how we produce the magazine, and what we’ve got planned going forward. In the second part of the podcast, Alan and Eric are joined by Escape to Na Pali co-author Kaitlin Tremblay. We talk about how the book came about and why we love Unreal.

Every month, Craig makes a new Five out of Ten desktop calendar in a variety of colours and sizes. This month, we’ve chosen the famous shoes of a famous hedgehog. You can download the latest wallpaper for free from our website.

Our income has dropped a little over the past couple of months, so please spread the word with your friends and followers. If you want to leave feedback on the magazine or anything else we do, you can get in touch via Patreon or email on our website.

Thank you for backing us on Patreon!


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