Shot Some Fight Scene Reactions Yesterday!
So we got Greg Alba and Megan Le to come over and do some fight scene reactions.  We pulled from both votes off of and suggestions from Patrons.  We didn't get to all of the requests, but did several.  Greg had to leave early -- following that, Megan and Jaby continued and did two or three more - one of which was a fight scene from the film that inspired Rocky Handsome.  

There are a number of videos on requests that are no longer available for viewing, which makes this process a little more difficult.  To help the possibility of avoiding issues, some videos might only be available to Patrons in the privately shared feed.  Most SHOULD be available on the YouTube channel.  Thanks again for your suggestions!

We were supposed to role out another reaction series this week, but Jaby's been really slammed leading up to the weekend and he pretty much does all the editing on the series reactions.  Additionally, Man's World didn't perform as well as we were hoping which made it also a little more discouraging for him to go and edit the next series reaction.  But it'll get done the coming weekend at latest.  Following that, we'll have a revisiting of a TVF series with Greg, John, Cortney and Sharmita (this has already been shot).

We are hoping that people will be nicer to Sharmita on that set of videos, but some hate is inevitable.

Thankfully, despite the massive amount of flack Sharmita received, she's still really cool with Jaby.  After the TVF reactions, if she ever does come back on, we'll preface every video explaining Sharmita's upbringing and why she doesn't know as much as someone like Mayuri.

And to those wondering... this was written by Jaby in 3rd person.  Initially, he wrote it in 1st person, then he decided, "Ah screw it, 3rd person is more fun!"

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