Should Day 32 be taken down?
It's come to my attention that the story posted today (Human Puppet Syndrome) has been interpretted as an admonishment of people born with Angelman's Syndrome. 

Details of the story include links to the disease including behavior, let alone the name alone. 

Please understand, it's not my intention to insult anyone with this podcast. 

My interpretation of the story was the admonishment of the scientific community that seeks to pursue genetic manipulation in an attempt to "cure" perceived defects. The outcome being that these scientists are punished for their hubris by people far superior to them, regardless of their ability to communicate.

While it might not have been the best idea for the writer to actually use Angelman's syndrome as their example, I don't know the writer. And I don't know why they wrote this.

From my own experience, I know that some people write horror as a means to come to terms with what they are dealing with in real life. That is how I read this story.

I am familair with Angelman's Syndrome, I have participated in fundraisers and walks for people born with Angelman's syndrome. As such, I did not read this as someone who thought the message was to euthenize people with Angelman's. 

That being said, that is my perception. 

So I'm reaching out to you, because I truely don't want to offend people who read this the exact opposite way (or know for a fact that it was the intent of the author to speak ill of the syndrome), what should I do?

I don't post this here thinking "well, you all support me, so you'll be on my side". I post this as a forum and I KNOW there are those of you who are quite particular on your horror tastes. You all listen to and love horror. Is it wrong to keep this story up?