Should I change my Patronage payment scheme
So, I'm just wondering, there's a concern, that's totally understandable cos my August updates were none at all in terms of my comic strip as was my June updates, so the patronage of those months were pretty wasted and I apologize profusely for it. That was my bad.

So anyway, the concern is that maybe, I should change it to a "per strip payment plan" instead, that is every time I update with a comic strip (and if I change to this, I will make it just comic strip updates, no artwork and downloadable artwork updates unless it pertains to the commissions rewards) then you will get charged for that month. 

Now, the thing about this is that I did at one time update 7 times on February (wow, rare) and this MIGHT happen again and heck, it might be even more than that too if I find the free time to draw this comic, so that means you'll be charged for that amount of times I update for that month. So if you pledge $1 and I updated 14 strips that month, you'll be charged $14... it's not a bad deal for me, but for you patrons, it's a bit unpredictable, I'd gather.

So anyways, I wanna know the majority opinion of this idea. Should I change my patronage payment scheme to a per strip basis? This way, the months that I don't update, you won't get charged but there's a risk (if somewhat small) that I update a lot that month, you'll be charged a lot. If the majority is okay with this change, then I will make the change.

Thank you.