Should I cut this complete history into 2 parts?
Hello Patreon peeps,

As you are all aware I am working on the Complete History of Metroid and It's turning into quite a long video.

To put it into perspective I have reviewed all the games leading up to the 1st Metroid Prime (including Other N) and I still need to add in a little bit about the new 3DS game.

So far it's 15 pages long. That's about the same length as my Grand Theft Auto video (58 minutes) However, this complete history includes a lot of adverts from the games releases! So, it will likely top an hour.

Like I said, all this before I even get into the Prime series.

My question to you is... should I make this into 2 parts?

It's very likely that part 1 will be an hour and part 2 will be anywhere between 15-20 minutes (who know I still need to finish the script)

I am fighting a battle with myself over this one and would love some feedback. Feel free to vote but more importantly please do leave a comment with your opinion. Is a movie length video better than 2? Let me know your whatcha thinkin!

I think I will probably go with 1 long video.... but I can't decide

Mucho Love

-DJ Slope

P.S. please fill in the QnA if you haven't already

P.S.S I am still unsure what this weekends video will be and will give you another update in a day or 2 once I worked it out (there will be a mid week video too which I recorded last night)

Make it 1 long awesome movie, I got some popcorn ready!

I prefer my videos to be cut up like a good kebab!

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