Should I Write About Rowland B. Wilson's Wonder Woman?
So, I saw this image on twitter (hat tip Kurt Busiek) and was weighing doing a short post about why it's less risque than the original Wonder Woman comics. On the one hand, it would be fun to write about...but on the other, I'm somewhat pressed for time.

But then I thought, why not see what the public thinks? So I'm going to share this on social media today; if I get, say, $5 in Patreon contributions today I'll take that as a sign of interest, and I'll write about it for tomorrow. Otherwise, y'all will just have to enjoy the image for itself. (I'll post for all patrons; so if you contribute, you'll be able to see it.)

This post is open to everyone, so please share on social media if you're so moved/would like me to write about it but don't want to throw money in the pot yourself!