Should we reboot Portland's "slow social networking"…?
Not so long ago, Raven Zachary was inspired to start a site called "Portland on Fire." The premise was simple: share the profile of one person in the Portland startup/tech community every single day, in a lightweight sort of way.

It was a time when the Portland community hadn't even really become a community. And Raven's idea worked. And it helped. People quickly submitted what became a backlog chock full of interesting profiles.  For a time, it was exactly what we needed as a community. 

When Raven got too busy with building his own business, I took over the site. And as folks got more connected and other community resources and social networks came to the fore, the necessity for the site lessened, diminished, and eventually faded. 

Today, however, I see our community struggling with the same exact problems, disconnectedness, and confusion that Raven's effort was designed to solve. And I see folks working to share their presence in town with resources like the profiles on the Silicon Florist job board. But honestly, I believe folks are seeking more than a resume to get to know their peers.

So it got me to thinking… maybe we should bring it back? And perhaps even more importantly, would you be willing to take part?

I'd welcome your thoughts.

Hang in there. And I hope to run into you soon.