Should We Start a Podcast Again?
Random thought - would you guys be interested in the return of the old bi-weekly format of the Whispers in the Dark podcast (or a new one) if we could warrant its production by meeting a new Patreon goal?

We'd need to do the math, but the funds would finance higher quality microphones and the time invested into its production. 

For those of you not familiar, our podcast was a bi-weekly horror gaming news and topic show with a lot of tangents and skits (see links below). It was a lot of fun, but the news format sometimes bogged it down. But we're open to hearing your thoughts on starting a regular podcast series again.

Would this be something you'd like as backer-exclusive (at $1 or $2)?

Please vote below and comment if you have some ideas.

WITD Podcast: Mike Rowe's Milk Wars pitch: 

WITD Podcast: Leon Kennedy Fanfic: 



Only If (Suggestion in Comments)

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