Shout Out To JOHNATHAN SOUL Our First Pledge!!!

 I Just want to say thanks for being our first pledge! Just so you know I gave you a shout out on the 30 Plus Hulks Rundown video.  Your support for my page is greatly appreciated!!!

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$1 or more per month
I call this one Hero because your saving my a$*, Lol. This tier is for general viewers who want to help me bring more content I will randomly shout out my patreon supporters by name in uploaded youtube content as well 
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Thank you, at this level of support  you will have access to exclusive Patron-only content. Shout-outs in our YouTube videos. 
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You get all of the bronze benefits, exclusive access to higher restricted posts, a request for future video content ( Once bimonthly *restrictions apply* ) & shout outs. 
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 Its supporters like you that make this easier to do. You get all the previous benifits and in addition to show my appreciation i'll let  you choose a topic and I'll create a still 3D Graphic of your name in high res
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