Shoutout from, and to, D. JoAnne Swanson of The Anticareerist (formerly Rethinking the Job Culture)
It has been my pleasure to support the work of "professional anticareerist" D. JoAnne Swanson here on Patreon. Lately, I am honored also to have been the inspiration behind the new name of her project previously known as Rethinking the Job Culture: The Anticareerist (a term that I had used to describe myself when I had a public "professional" profile on Facebook). 

I encourage everyone who follows my work also to read Swanson's description of "anticareerism" at the new website--which happens to include a couple of quotes from yours truly about what the term connotes to me (and why it is not quite the same as being "anti-work" or even "anti-jobs"). 

And it gets even better... 

I have had the privilege of previewing some of Swanson's upcoming work for the blog, and can tell you that anyone interested in Basic Income should read her take on unpaid work and its connection BI, based on a interesting and insightful reflects on her personal experience as a freelance writer.  (There are some commonalities in theme and spirit to some of my own work, such as "A Paid Volunteer against the Monetization of Voluntary Labor" and  piece currently "under review" elsewhere, which is roughly a revised version of the previous article focused on the ethical dimensions of personal crowdfunding.) 

Indeed, I will be interviewing Swanson in connection with the new piece, and how she sees BI in relation to "anticareerism" and her critique of the job culture, to be published (most likely) in a future edition of Basic Income News

Moreover, I plan to be an occasional guest-blogger for The Anticareerist myself, and Swanson and I are currently contemplating to avenues for collaboration in the future (although taking a "leisurely approach" as it were). 

It is possible, perhaps likely, that my first guest blog post will discuss how I see my own "career" in the Basic Income community as exemplifying what I have described as a "anticareerist" lifestyle. (Then maybe I could just link to that refined and considered article on my Patreon page, so that people have a general sense of my approach to life, instead of writing Patreon-specific updates on this or that decision to adjust or reconstruct my work or role...) 

I am also currently working on a piece that is critical of the ability of Basic Income (or Basic Income alone) to support individual would-be anticareerists--much less instigate large-scale culture change regarding the perceived value of paid work and stable full-time employment. It remains to be seen when this will be completed and published, as well as whether it will be published on The Anticareerist, Basic Income News features, or elsewhere.