Show Improvement
The improvement of the podcast feed description is another part of trying to be good at what I'm doing here, and essentially having zero experience at running a podcast prior to doing this.  Much as in my full time job, I don't like to half-ass things.  I think I've given myself plenty of time to simply get my feet under me.  I've figured things out such as the early sound quality issues, and gotten better at editing.  Well, at least I think I've gotten better.  I'm now in the phase where I'm trying to add polish to the show, which is what you saw with my attempt to add the bumper music.  I also greatly reduced the time the show ending blurb takes to get through, and I do try to vary the wording on that a bit each time so it doesn't get boring to hear the same things over and over again.  Obviously, the Super Patron section (THANKS GUYS!) will be a somewhat static section unless of course more people join or anyone drops down.

Please certainly let me know anything that you think may add value to the show.  As I've mentioned on the show before, I may not be able to implement all or even most suggestions, but seeing ideas is a positive, as something may be brought to light that I've just not thought of, or may spark another idea.  Even if the show itself remains basically what it is now, I want to have a level of polish on what it does do that random folks that maybe aren't even Tesla fans can listen to the show and think "this guy does a pretty good job at running his show!"

As for things I'm personally thinking of doing,  I've been noodling an idea for some time that would be a special longer form feature that I think I'm going to get to work on.  This would be a dedicated Youtube video much like the Let's Plays that I've done, and so would not clog up your podcast feed for those looking just to get their daily Tidbits and get out.  It also wouldn't receive an episode number, so if you're subscribed to the episode feed on Youtube, it won't affect you there either.  For some time, I've wanted a good source of basically every Tesla myth debunked, and haven't really found a good one stop shop to direct people at when posed some of these claims over and over again.  Things like the lithium scarcity myth, or that mining lithium is not ecofriendly, or the Tesla would die without government subsidies myth, or that Tesla squandered taxpayer money, etc, etc.. 

I thank you all for your patience as I try to figure this all out.  I so greatly appreciate everyone's constructive feedback and support with the show.  A show host couldn't ask for a better community!

- D.J.