Show me the curvature [X] Done 2
Sphere Earth Model & Flat Earth Model where created by Cara Dianns: 'Modeling Earths curvature with Soundly and friends.'

--Feel free to redistribute the picture:

The original shot was taken from Soundlys: 'Lake Pontchartrain Transmission Lines Nikon P900 (3/3)'

Compares flat and sphere earth model to reality at Lake Pontchartrain. 

Flat earth model dictates that the horizon is the vanishing line.

And that things vanish at the horizon because of perspective. 

The sphere earth model shows a curvature. 

Reality also shows a curvature. 

Why would we be able to see a curvature. 

Perhaps... there IS a curvature?

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This is my first attempt at After Effects, forgive me if some things are a bit crude.