Hi everyone!

To hold myself to a somewhat consistent schedule, I've set these days of the week as targets for putting out new content.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean I'll be putting out a new Does Ketchup Go With This episode out every Monday. But when I do have a new episode, it'll go out to the public on a Monday (Sunday for you patrons!)

Regarding the short films on Tuesdays, just a heads up... the first short film I'll be releasing on the channel this year will be part of my new Delantare series. I haven't set a release date yet (since we just filmed it this weekend!), but patrons will be getting it a week before its public release!  Something to look forward to.  :)

Thank you for your continued support!  There will be a new Couch Time Recap this week, and a new Does Ketchup Go With This next week!


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