Showdown Over Lake St. Clair
What Wendt didn't know was that Fred's teammates were already moving in.

John Ravenclaw folded his wings and dove towards the water. When he got near the surface, the great wings spread and he shot across the water. At the last second, he gave a great cry and pulled up, bringing his wings forward. The buffet of air and thunderous noise knocked Wendt off target.

While Wendt tried to focus on his new adversary, Dynamo rocketed to the Hammer's side and scooped him up. For good measure, the robot fired crimson eyebeams punching into the black armored figure’s shoulder.

Finally, Nimbus caught the armor clad scientist in a beam of her own. This one lifted him up and pinioned him as though he were in the hand of a giant. This all happened in the span of four heartbeats.

Fred had the sensation of movement, and once he was out of the clutches of Wendt's ray, feeling returned to him. "Thanks, Dynamo."

"We are not done, yet. My sensors tell me there are three figures en route. Covered in the same material Wendt is wearing. I know little more other than they will be here in moments." This conversation was shared with the other members of their team, thanks to the unique link created by John.

Nimbus still held went in her telekinetic field. "He's struggling and whatever his armor is made of is slippery stuff. We need to do something with him."

John was circling around the ship and looked for the incoming mechsuits. "Ball and chain. On your six."

Nimbus nodded. With a smooth motion of her hand, the brightly lit doctor swung around behind her and into the path of one of their incoming adversaries. The two figures collided with a terrible noise and a flash of the same deep blue light Wendt used on Fred.

"I'm going under." A deceptively quiet splash and a series of concentric waves was all that showed the spot where John hit the water after changing shape in midair.

Blue beams and arcs of electricity split the air around Dynamo.

"Hammer throw." Fred barked.

With a spin and a toss, Dynamo threw him at the mechsuit firing the blue beams. Once the man was in transit, the robot began firing eyebeams with pinpoint accuracy at his target’s knees and elbows.

Fred was as hard to see as their opponents. He banked on them being able to see, but not with enough resolution to shoot at him. As soon as he was close to his target, a mechsuit different than its companions thanks to the dark wing shaped cloak, he whipped out the hammer tipped chains. The one in his right hand punched through toughened, rigid cloth. His left must have wrapped an arm. When he impacted with her, they both grunted.

The mechanism that allowed her to fly must have been damaged along with her cloak. Either that or the extra weight and entanglement were more than it could handle. She swore in German and wrapped her arms and legs around Fred as they began to fall.

A quip came to his lips, but didn't make it out before the electricity arced from her metal skin to his. Even through the insulation, he felt his arms go rigid and his jaw clench. They were falling slowly, but it was still faster than either of them was comfortable with.

"You have made a mistake." The mechanical, but unmistakably female voice was harsh in his ear. "When we hit the water, we will sink and you will drown."

That meant she definitely had self contained breathing. "Don't count me out yet." He knew John could grab them both in his current form and take them to the shore. Through the link, Fred could tell that the doctor and the mechsuit pilot he'd impacted were back in the fight, though the collision must have damaged some of their systems. Nimbus and Dynamo were holding their own. The current had stopped running between Fred and the woman. He was grateful he wasn't as conductive as he looked. They would be hitting the water any second now.

"John. Be ready to scoop us up." Fred thought to his friend.

There was no response.

They hit the water at a walking pace. Fred's suit was water repellent but not sealed completely. He took a deep breath before the cold waters of Lake St. Clair made it to his lips. This was going to be a problem.

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