Showering (nonsexually) with your Favorite Poet
Vi Khi Nao, in addition to being a poet, writer, painter, filmmaker and book reviewer is also an interviewer of writers.  And she does the strangest, most delightful interviews you'll encounter.  As part of our conversation I asked her some of her own questions, including "which poet, dead or alive, would you want to take a shower with nonsexually and why?"   She didn't have an immediate answer and yet  wanted to respond.  Several days later I received this response from Vi via email:  

I would love to take a shower nonsexually with Anna Moschovakis. I consider her the greatest living poet of our generation. I love both of her books out from Coffee House Press. Her poems are so sexy, philosophically and technically speaking. She possesses mastery of technique and originality. I also love the way she exists in the world. I think she is one of those women who could withstand enormous economic and psychological pressure and because she is so calm, you wouldn't know the depth of her hardship. In tennis, there is a move called a drop shot and it often arrives unexpectedly especially if two tennis players  have been exchanging intense rallies from the baseline. But the drop shot is executed softly and delicately and tenderly and it only requires  a slight shift or turn of the wrist, at times deceptively to surprise one's opponent. This is how Anna composes her poems and this is how she expresses tenderness towards other - through the drop shot. One has to be so technically compassionate to execute this well. One has to measure precisely spatially and demographically and psychologically the distance, speed, emotional velocity in which a person arrives towards us. Most players would blotch the move due to lack of experience or lack of timing. Showering with her will also give me insight on how she uses her soap. What kind of soap she prefers and if she believes in running the shower ahead before climbing in or is she one of those folks who is ready to be attacked by the sudden impact of cold water.

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