#showerthoughts on saving twitter and the things the birds told me about it and the end of the world
Hey hi so how are you? Is the world on fire yet? Cool... It's like nearly 4am here in the future, so I'll try to keep this real quick before I fall asleep at my desk.

As you will shortly read, or eventually read, or... whatevz... I've evolved beyond the need for sleep. Or something. I'm actually not even sure this is happening.

Anyway... here's current draft of the final chapter of the First Edition of Field Notes from the proto Invisibles Monastery.  The thing I've been building in there. In my head. And furiously typing away at in in scrivener. (Yes, brain, it's the final chapter. No more new thoughts, that's the deal!)

Like, the original plan was to drop a cut down version of the ebook today, but instead I spent like, every waking moment poking at it, and writing down things birds told me and... this is fine.

Just go read it, and if you like it, tell your friends. And if you don't, compel your enemies.

Me, I'm off to rest now for a hundred years, and see what civilisation looks like when the cryo pod eventually malfunctions, or something.

It is a pretty natural point in spacetime to end this work on though. As nexus points in history go.

So, yeah, I'll just rest here a while... it's fine... then get back to making the whole thing complete to my mind, and legible to a human person that isn't an mindreader from the future. Apparently they exist. I've heard whispers.

Oh and this is totally samizdat for the prison planet. That means, I've been focusing on the content, and the whole post production thang lies far beyond that. After my hibernation and such things that might exist further down the timeline.

Peace, and stay woke y'all ;)