Shrinky dinks experiment pt.2
So I wanted to give these another shot. First thing first: I did try sanding again, and still no luck. Probably already used my sand block and it's not working anymore.

One thing I noticed on my new printer is that it has multiple 'gloss' options to print for photos. Going with just the regular gloss option, thought I might as well give it a shot.

First batch is at 40%, second batch is at 30% and the kitties I did with permanent marker for the hell of it.

While it seems like the 30% batch came out the best, it's still wet to the touch and the colors didn't pop a lot. They brighten up a bit but I think they should be a lot brighter, ya know? Tho compare to the 40%, they do look a lot better.

I noticed if I go any higher than 50%, the ink just beads up on the paper. Sometimes even 50% will do that. I also put the temp at 325F and let them bake for 2 minutes.

Sadly, think I'm really at a loss. Sanding isn't working. Tried the gloss photo option and it works, but the charms are still, well, dull looking.

Guess it's time to give in and buy markers :\

Reason why I don't just buy the inkjet kind is I bought a 50 pack of this kind of shrink film and I'm stubborn and not going to let it go to waste. Also don't really want to buy just 6 sheets for $15 >___<

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