The Shufflers Hivemill store is Officially OPEN!
Thanks to the good folks of Hiveworks, The Shufflers Hivemill store is now open for business!  Right now we currently have two items for sale;

The Shufflers Vol1. E-Book: Sometimes you can't always go on the internet to re-read your favorite Shufflers episodes of the past, but there's a remedy for that! The first two episodes of The Shufflers is now available for download in E-Book format! Contains 32 pages of blazing color.  Impress your grandparents!

O'Starry Night Hiddenite Large Print:  Now you can stab Hiddenite on your wall with this gorgeous high quality print, inspired by the vintage advertisements of the 19th century!  This print will surely fly into your heart. (or into your car window.)

More items will be added on a gradual basis, but if you'd like to order any of the goods above, swing by this link!