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Shut Up, I Wanna Dance With Somebody - A Cappella Mashup (#FOURTY4B)
We bring you this mashup of WALK THE MOON's#ShutUpAndDance & Whitney Houston's#IWannaDanceWithSomebody; dedicated to Noel and Luna Domingo for their generous donation to our Kickstarter campaign which helped fund our EP

Arrangement/Recording/Editing/Mixing: Grayson Villanueva
Video Editing: Dustin Domingo

This was definitely a lot of fun to put together. We want to thank our baes who were able to participate in this video collaboration, including:

The Blaxton Family
The Mañgilit Family
RosendaleSings -
Darlene Daquioag
Denise Daquioag
Frankii Guerrero -
Nicola Foti -
Rule of Yum -
RIT Eight Beat Measure
Rasyid Bastamam
Tim Lay 
Leomi Tran
Javon Jones
Amanda Suryakusuma
Trevor Williams -
Cindy & Alfred
Krystle Tugadi -
Michael Alvarez
Jasmine Gatewood 
Not So Sharp
Christian Quiambao -
Beverli Legua & Family
Carolyn Legaspi
Bronson Lettermans
The Coloma Family
Sam Hart -
Jerilyn Ventura
Joycelyn Castaneda
Kai Castaneda
Keanu Castaneda
Vermillion Vocalists A Cappella