Shy Girl Punished. Chapter One: And so it Begins

And So it Begins 

  Karen was always the shy girl. Her petite frame did nothing to help her confidence, standing at only five-foot-one and barely a hundred pounds, she was easily intimidated. However she wanted to be more outgoing, wanted more friends, and wanted a social life. So deciding that it was time to make some changes, let her long dark hair out of the bun she usually kept it in, she went to school with a little bit of confidence.

  It took some getting used to but she was enjoying having her hair down. However during her lunch break, she was on her way to the library to study, as she always did, books in hand. Her hair had once again fallen into her eyes. Waving her head to knock her hair out of her eyes, she never saw the foot that came out to trip her.

  The foot caused her to stumble. Struggling to keep her balance, her books went flying, slamming into the back of another student in the hallway, as she went stumbling past. Karen was suddenly steadied, as the arm from the student her books slammed into turned and caught her at the last second.

  “Thank-you.” Karen mumbled, as she caught her balance and stepped back, realizing she was face-to-face with the captain of the football team.

  “Don't mention it.” He said, before turning to the laughing student who had tripped her. The laughter stopped as the captain stepped up close to him. “You owe her an apology. Right now.”

  “Uh. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.” The bully apologized nervously.   

  “Make sure it doesn't” The captain said directly. Before turning and helping Karen pick up her books.   

  “You didn't have to do that.” Karen said. “Stuff like that happens all the time.”

  “Well it shouldn't.” The captain said. “I'm Matt.”

  “Karen.” Karen replied.

  “Oh yea, you're in the chess club right? I didn't recognize you with your hair down.” Matt asked.

  “Well. Yea.” Karen replied. “I'm surprised you know that.”

  “My little brother is in the club. I'm sure you've seen me hanging around there from time to time. Got to keep those bullies off his back.” Matt explained. “So why the change?”

  “Yea, I just never thought you pay-ed any attention to us.” Karen explained. “I just thought it was time for a change is all.”

  “Well it suits you. You should wear it down more often.” Matt complimented.

  Karen's blushed furiously with that compliment. “Thanks. I might do that.” She said, looking at the ground.

  After thinking for a minute, Matt asked her a question. “Would you like to go to the homecoming dance with me?”

  Karen was stunned with disbelief. It took her a second to even realize what just happened. “I, well, I figured you'd be going with Katrina.”

“The cheer captain. Yea, most people think that.” Matt explained. “I just don't like the way she looks down on everyone. To be honest, although I find you very attractive, I am also asking you because I know it will piss her off.”

  That kind of upset Karen a little bit. She wanted to find a date based on her mind, not her body, and not because it would piss someone else off, however she quickly reasoned that he did not have enough time to get to know her on a personal level, so she accepted, hoping they would get to know each-other better at the dance. After exchanging phone numbers, Karen headed to the library as intended, but the butterflies in her stomach did not let her get any studying done.

 * * *

  “What did you say!” Katrina shot at Becky, as she delivered the rumour from near the end of the lunch period. “Matt is taking that geek to the dance instead of me!”

  “That's just what I heard.” Becky replied.

  “I can't believe it!” Katrina shot in anger.

  “Well. She is in our gym class next period. There is something we could do about it.” Becky suggested.

  “Like what?” Katrina asked.

  “I have an idea.” Becky said with a sly smile. “Come on, we have to hit the adult store down the road first.”

 * * *

  Karen was in the change-room, getting changed for gym, still excited from the days events. After taking off her shirt and skirt, she reached for her gym clothes. Finding nothing there, she looked around for them.

  “Looking for these?” Katrina asked, holding up her gym clothes.

  “Uh. Yes.” Karen replied, blushing.   

  “To bad. I have them now. Maybe you'll have to go out there as you are.” Katrina threatened.

  “No. I still have these.” Karen challenged, reaching for the clothes she changed out of. Catching only air, Karen's heart dropped as she frantically looked around, catching sight of Becky.

  “Not anymore you don't.” Becky laughed, holding up her clothes.

  “Please give them back.” Karen pleaded.

  “Come with us.” Katrina ordered, marching towards the showers.

  Following Katrina and Becky, Karen could only wonder what they had in mind.

  “Take you bra and panties off.” Katrina ordered.   

  “What?” Karen asked, not believing what she just heard.   

  “Strip. Now.” Becky ordered, “Or I will strip you by force and drag you through the school.”

  Karen did as she was told, afraid that Becky would actually carry out her threat. After tossing her bra and panties to the cheerleaders, Karen used her hands to cover her body.

  “Awe is poor Karen a little shy?” Katrina mocked. “Weren't so shy when you stole my date to homecoming were you?”

  “You know about that already?” Karen asked.

  “Dam straight.” Katrina said.

  “What are you going to do to me?” Karen asked, once again frightened.

  “Well first off.” Katrina said, nodding to Becky, who turned the cold water on.

  “Ahh!” Karen screamed, trying to run out of the path of the freezing water, as Katrina caught her, tossing her back into the water. This time Karen stayed there, freezing waiting for it to end.

  After a few seconds, Katrina got bored, nodding once again to Becky, who turned the water off. Karen stood there, freezing, nipples erect and shivering, waiting for whatever other torment these two had planned for her.

  “Catch.” Katrina called, tossing a bottle to Karen.   

  “Adult toy lube?” Karen read aloud. “Why do I need this.”

  “For this.” Becky said, handing her what appeared to be panties, only with steel straps, and two dildos in it. One clearly suppose to go in her ass and one in her pussy. “Put it on.”

  “What!?” Karen challenged. “You can't be serious.”

  “Well than.” Becky said, “Guess someone is walking around school the rest of the day naked.”

  After a few seconds, Karen realized she really did have no choice. So, coating the dildos in lube, she pulled the belt up, slowing when the dildos started going into her. Karen was no stranger to the pleasure of toys, but in the privacy of her room, not here at school. It took a bit of working, but Karen finally managed to get the toys all the way in and the weird-looking panties on.

  “Looks good.” Becky laughed, walking up and checking the fit, pulling the top strap tight, ensuring Karen could not pull it down.

  Karen just stood there, both holes stuffed, deciding to play along until these two left her alone. It was not until she heard a click that she got really nervous.

  “What was that?” Karen asked.

  “That was a padlock.” Becky said, handing the key to Katrina.

  “Things are going to get fun now.” Katrina said with an evil grin, holding up the keys to the belt.