Sick Changelog
This Month I could do almost nothing, because this ongoing heat wave drains all the energy from me, prevents me from sleeping properly and I feel sick and tired because of that. There were about 3 days when the heat went down to a somewhat acceptable level, and I ofcourse did work on GT in that time. The Result of that work is small, but at least I can say it is something.

Added Material Stats for damaged vanilly Tools, so you can melt them down now.

Added Reinforced brick Versions of GT Rocks with more Blast Resistance.

Added 6-way Slabs for all GT Rocks (6-way means you can also do Wall-Slabs).

Added Grindstone for sharpening Toolheads and similar at the cost of Sandstone.

That is the most crummy Changelog I have ever posted for a whole month, since the existence of GT, and I hope something like this will never happen again (and that the heat wave finally stops, because it is still going). It feels terrible to be prevented from doing anything especially thinking, just because the average overall Summer Temperature in my Area spiked up by + 4-5°C this year.

And because I got asked about that a few times already: No, Air Conditioning is not a viable thing in Germany, where there is supposed to be only 14 hot days a year on average, and where the electricity bills actually mean something.

I'm probably more angry about this crummy changelog than you guys are. Thank you for the continued Support. ^^